improve google adwords quality score

How To Improve Google Adwords Quality Score

The quality score of your Google Adwords is a measure of quality, relevance, as well as performance of your PPC campaigns. That’s because it affects both the position of your ad and cost per action (CPA). In fact, this quality score has a significant impact on your pay-per-click success and profitability.

The problem with paid search advertising is that it comes with a number of variables which are beyond your control. But luckily, you can control your quality score by taking a few steps towards the right direction. Now the question is:

How can you improve your Adwords quality score?

The answer is — by using an effective pay-per-click management solution. You can use a program like WordStream to achieve this objective. This tool lets you easily manage your Adword campaigns to increase your quality score through several ways mentioned below:

  • Improved keyword data

Successful Adword campaigns are usually built from strong keyword research foundation. The goal is to increase the relevance of your keywords to your messaging as well as site content.

  • Keyword grouping

You should be able to organize your keywords into small, tightly-related groups to improve your adwords quality score. As a result, you’ll be able to build specific ads and landing pages which laser-target your intended audience.

  • More relevant ads

A tool like WordStream helps you create Adword ads that truly speak to the intention of the person searching the web, and this can drive up your click-through-rate (CTR).

The thing you have to take into account during this exercise is that improving your quality score begins with your keywords

Note that if your keyword research is weak, there is a 100% chance that your entire Adword account will suffer. You see, most internet marketers rely on free public keyword tools to build their PPC campaigns. However, by following suit, you will harm your relevance since you have no way of telling if the general keywords being highlighted in these tools are truly relevant to your offerings.

If you can find a tool that tells you the real words and phrases that people look for to find what they want online, the more profitable your campaigns will turn out to be. This tool should also tell you which keyword is driving the most profit and conversions, so you can concentrate your PPC projects around that keyword.

Grouping keywords

An optimized Adword campaign structure calls for an effective grouping of keywords. In fact, all keywords within your ad groups should share meaning.

Take the example of a pet store PPC project. It would be a disaster if the owner of this pet store lumped all their keywords into a single group, then tried to win potential buyers with a generic ad on pet supplies. The thing is, a key phrase like ”Pet supplies” could be so expensive and uneconomical. Again, this process would force them to create a unique landing page and ad for every keyword, which you and me might not have time for.

To avoid all this, just group those keywords into themes, then divide them into sub-groups, thus you end up with small groups of manageable keywords.

The next step is to create a landing page and ad for each keyword group. It will make your work easier, plus it will increase your Adword quality score.

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