AdWords: How to Fine-Tune a Campaign

Adsense: How to Fine-Tune a Campaign

In order to have success in AdWords keep in mind it isn’t just about setting up a profitable campaign. An important component is fine-tuning a working or near-working campaign to improve its ROI.

I never ha a successful profitable campaigns from the start. If your campaign is losing 30% from day one, there’s a very good chance that with some fine-tuning you’ll be able to make that profitable.

Here’s how to fine-tune your campaigns.


Eliminate All Super-Low CTR Ads and Keywords

When you’re setting up campaigns, you need to look out for both your own need and Google’s needs. If your CTR is too low, that means Google isn’t making a lot of money from this traffic. Eventually that’ll result in a low Quality Score and could drag down your whole account.
If you’re getting 200 clicks a month from 200,000 impressions, a 0.1% CTR, and those 200 clicks are profitable, should you keep them? Probably you might want to review that. You won’t be making enough money from the 200 clicks to justify dragging the overall CTR and Quality Score of the rest of your account down.

Anytime you have super-low CTRs, even if it’s profitable, it’s usually better to kill it to preserve your account.


Mass Increase or Decrease Bids by Position

Usually you want to be aiming between third position and fifth position. Anything at second position and higher gets a lot of clicks that cost a lot of money – usually browsers rather than buyers. Below number five and you’re not getting seen and may have very low traffic.
In AdWords Editor, you can sort by average position. Sort your ads this way and highlight all the ads that are showing up in first or second position.
Along the very bottom of the interface, select “Advanced Bid Changes.” You can then decrease the bid for all the selected keywords by percentage or by dollar amounts.
Select any keywords ranking five or lower and increase their bids in the same manner.


Track All Conversions and Deactivate Non-Converters

Make sure you’re tracking all your traffic. Make a point to know exactly which keywords are converting and which ones aren’t.
As a general recommendation, I would spend twice your payout on any one keyword or group of keywords before deactivating it.
If you get a $20 payout from an affiliate product, to test double that amount in traffic on a group of keywords before deeming them non-converting and deactivating them.
Be systematic about tracking your traffic and taking out keywords that don’t convert.


Split Test Ads

Set up two versions of your text ads running. Run each text ad until you have statistically significant data on which ads are getting higher CTRs and conversions, then delete the worst ad and create a new one. Then repeat.
If you set up banner set up different background color (i.e. one green, one blue, one red etc), you get the point.


I think these are some of the most important things to do to fine-tune a campaign. Deactivate low CTR keywords. Increase and decrease your bids to keep your ads running between third and fifth position. Track conversions and split test ads.

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