AdWords: Why and How to Use AdWords Editor

Most people when starting out in Google AdWords start by creating campaigns in the online interface. But to really be profitable in AdWords, to be able to fine-tune your campaigns and to be able to drive high volume, you’ll want to be editing your campaigns in AdWords Editor.

What is AdWords Editor? What are its benefits and how do you get started with using it?

AdWords Editor is a downloadable program that allows you to create and edit campaigns quickly. You don’t have to wait for a page to load every time in between creating an ad or adding keywords.

All the changes are done offline, then uploaded all at once. That means you can create hundreds of ads or add hundreds (even thousands) of keywords at the speed of your computer, then upload it all online rather than having to load pages in between.

Virtually all highly profitable AdWords professionals use either AdWords Editor, or their own versions of other offline programs. Very, very few successful marketers use the online interface.

Some of the Things You Can Do

Here are some of the things you can do in Google AdWords Editor that you can’t do in the online editor:

* Mass upload campaigns – You can upload a big spreadsheet of keywords, ads and bids with thousands of different data points. Creating this in the online interface would take months.

* Mass bid change – You can select any number of keywords or AdGroups and edit their bids all at once. No need to go into each AdGroup and change bids one at a time.

* Write multiple ads quickly – No need to click “Submit” after each ad. Just write all your ads at once, then submit them all at once and correct any errors all at once.

* Easy broad / phrase / match targeting – To change the match type in the online editor, you need to manually create brackets or quotes. In the offline editor, all you need to do is select all the keywords which have types you want to change and then change the type in a dropdown list.

This is just a small list of what AdWords Editor is capable of doing. There are many other smaller features that will help speed up your editing and increase your ROI.

Getting Started with AdWords Editor

First, go and download the editor at:

Once downloaded, install the application, then input your sign-in information.

Download all your data to your computer. Then download all your stats to your computer.

Once you’ve got all your online campaigns downloaded, all you need to do is make the changes you want to make, then click “Post Changes” to submit the edits.

Using AdWords Editor rather than the online editor is almost mandatory for AdWords success. It’ll drastically increase your speed and make it much easier to optimize your campaigns.